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Don't know if anyone on my flist is fans of 50 Shades of Grey . . . if you are, sorry, but am not. AT ALL.

New co-worker seems to have pretty good taste in TV/books/movies ect . . . but she mentioned today that 50 shades was "dirty, but really good" and she "can't wait for the movie". . .

My respect for her dropped some points, but I held my tongue and said "OK."

Real life

So . . . Miss Kitty is sporting a nice shaved spot on her neck. Sunday she vomited white foamy bile a few times and wasn't really eating yesterday. The vet did a bunch of tests today. He not sure what it is, but there's a good chance she's got prancreatitis . . .

she's 16, so I expected something like this eventually, but it still seems too soon.


Fuck you, Bones, fuck you.

August and September books

The Daughters- a trio of friends who all have famous parents learning to make names for themselves and not be famous because of their parents. Very fluffy-teen read, but that's pretty much what I expected, so it's was good. (So very fluffy - no thinking involved.) 1st part of a series, but I feel no really need to continue.

After - Another anthology, this one was short stories all set in dystopian/post-apocalyptic worlds. It wasn't bad overall, but with 19 stories I expected less hit-and-miss, but there were quite a few that I found really blah.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie and Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues. Books 1 &2 of the series (just started 3). The title really says it all. Angel lives in Louisiana, she's "white trash" and a zombie. Despite the mystery, murder and zombies that make up the plot, the books are actually pretty funny and fun. The author does a good job balancing the humor and amid the mystery.

Agent to the Stars - Aliens come to Earth and decide to get a agent (like a movie star) to figure out the best way to introduce themselves to the world. Hilarious and also a really good story in general.


books, books, books

In my effort to post more, I'm going to try to talk about books at least once a month.

Why are so many books coming out that are series? Or maybe it's because I'm into YA and the dystopian genre right now and there is an abundance of those series at the moment? Idk, just not many stand alone stories catching my eye.

Took 20-30 of my older books to a book store to sell back - they only gave me $8.50. I wasn't expecting alot because they were all my CSI novels and some other not extremely popular novels, but I was hoping for at least $10 . . . Oh, well. The aim was to downsize and make room on my book shelf.

Allegiant - Third book in the Divergent trilogy. It actually took me several months to finish this. The other two I tore right through, but this one I kept picking up and putting down. It wasn't bad, but it just didn't seem to engage me as much as the other two and I wasn't very thrilled with the directions the plot took.

Vacations From Hell and Kisses From Hell - Collections of 5 -6 short stories on one topic, all with a supernatural twist. Supernatural/mystery/fantasy makes up a majority of my books, so it's right up my alley. I've also have read Prom Nights from Hell and Love is Hell. The only one I'm not 100% enjoying is Kisses because all 5 stories involve vampires - all the other books have a good mix of different types of supernatural.

Dexter's Final Cut
I've been reading this off and on for a few months. It's enjoyable because it's Dexter. But these last few Dexter books haven't seemed as good as the first ones, imo.

Pet peeve

I hate when you try to go back to a fic you read awhile back only to find out the author deleted it.

Doubly so when they delete it, change the names and publish it as original fiction somewhere.

Need to try and update more than 2 to 3 times a year. . .


Family drama ~sigh~

Never come to family gatherings, get offended and claim your being "picked on" when you finally do, then say your not coming to anymore family stuff.

I don't remember being this exhausting when I was late teens/early twenties.


dealing with ~feelings

Dear sister-in-law,

I'm writing this here because I know you'll never read it. Due to lack of courage and aversion to confrontation, I will never say this to your face.

I don't blame you for the divorce. You and my brother had a decade-long tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship and two kids before tying the knot. Was I hoping this time it might work out? Yes. Am I surprised that it ended up this way? Unfortunately, I'm kind of not.

I don't blame you, but I think you being a bitch and selfish in how you're handling this.

Stop denying he's your boyfriend. You would have him over almost everyday while my brother was at work before you moved out. Now that you have your own place, you both get your kids on the same weekends and they are all on Facebook calling each other "Siblings." Don't deny a relationship with him at the same time you are encouraging your kids to think of his kids as their sisters/brothers.

I don't know your reasoning - maybe because you've only been split for 6 months? maybe because neither you or my brother have filed for divorce yet? - I don't know and I don't care.

I just think you are making a shitty and confusing situation even more shitty and confusing for everyone - especially your children.




So I haven't posted in like, 8 months? Between my work (yay tax season and 60 hr work weeks) and other stuff, I kinda drifted away from livejournal. Also, most of the shows I fangirled about on here are gone.

BUT OMG DO I HAVE A FANGIRL MOMENT RIGHT NOW. I don't know if any of you follow Teen Wolf. I got sucked into this show last fall-ish. Watched season 1 and 2 online over the course of a few days.

Super-excited for Season 3. I bought the season pass on iTunes, so the day after the new episode, my iTunes automatically downloads the episode. Well, this morning it started downloading an episode. SOMEBODY AT ITUNES FUCKED UP AND MONDAY'S MIDSEASON FINALE DOWNLOADED 3 DAYS BEFORE IT'S AIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to watch it SOOO BAD. Part of me wants to wait 'til Monday night and watch it live with everybody else, but I know I'll probably only make it 'til my lunch break about 3 hours from now . . .